Monday, March 24, 2014

Am I the worst blogger ever?

No, I can't be.

I never really did love Facebook. Too many ads. I don't play games. Twitter? Not my thing. I'm not that exciting.

Instagram. Now that I like. Alot. I'm a terrible photo taker. I love to cook, but mostly the basics, hubs just 'wants to fill the hole' and isn't into anything fancy. Now my Dad, he was into that. I sure do miss him. Too much sometimes. My ipad is an older version and doesn't have the best camera. I can't text for beans so I don't take too many pictures with my iPhone, but maybe I should start. Some of the pictures I see are so amazing. I'm  assuming they are taken with a phone.

So, do you Tweet? Play on IG? Facebook? Blog?

Visit me on IG, let me know you follow me. Once I hit 400 followers there I have a super duper cool giveaway planned.

See you soon?


  1. Man, the way you're selling fabric over there I would have thought you have thousands of followers LOL!!!

  2. I LOVE instagram...a quick instant gratification fix :)
    I'm following you :)
    Peggy in NJ

  3. I've been following you. Love your input & your work.

  4. I've been on Instagram a few wks now & love it & your posts! I have not posted anything, but get inspired by what others are working on.

  5. I love IG tge most too!! I just started following you ��

  6. I found you on IG yesterday! Then another person left a comment on my blog and the only person she follows is you. So I found your blog now. It is just amazing how life works! I was meant to follow you!

  7. I like IG the best of all the social medias. I follow you there. :)

  8. I follow you on IG! I've been loving the storm photos you post. My mom lives just outside of Phoenix and seems to have the same storms you do :)